Monday, March 15, 2010

Milking it.

With daytime highs forecasted in the mid to upper fifties our most recent snow is changing quickly from powder to something other than powder. This transitional phase began in earnest yesterday and is going to continue for the next several days. Never one to give up on the remaining powder I headed up to Mt. Tallac today with my buddy Jon to see if we could find any of that vanishing powder. Lucky for us the Emerald Bay road had been closed and nobody had gone anywhere near any of the lines we wanted to ski today. 2 days after the storm and we had our pick of all of our favorite lines. In the photo below, Jon drops into a completely fresh Babycham with possibly the most heroic powder conditions I've ever seen. We followed that up with the Hanging snowfield and corkscrew, respectively, and both enjoyed more perfect conditions down each line.
After skiing such incredible snow we decided on another lap off the top and headed back up. We dropped into the steep entrance of the Cross and enjoyed a continuous 3,000 foot run of creamy but somewhat variable powder. It was especially fun for me since I have never entered the Cross from this particular spot, and doing something new is always fun for me. The cold powder snow changed significantly throughout the course of our day on Tallac, and unfortunately it seems like we may have milked it for all that it was worth. However, all is not lost, since we live in California we'll be skiing corn in just a matter of days....

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