Friday, March 12, 2010

Surprise powder!

The past several days have been full of surprises, most notably surprise powder. After my last post and a few laps up on Mt. Tallac it snowed another 8-10 inches of super light fluffy snow. This light snow on top of good cold snow made for even more incredible skiing in Lake Tahoe. We took advantage of these surprisingly good conditions and shot photos over the past 2 days. On Wednesday Alpine Meadows was deserted and we took full advantage of the blower pow. We shot with Kevin Klein for part of the morning and took the rest of the day to pillage the goods out in Munchkins. Possibly one of the best days of the season.
Yesterday I got up a 5:45 am and met up with Kevin Klein again to hike out to Little Alaska and Ward Valley to shoot some more pics of this incredible snow. We shot a couple laps in Little Alaska, see photo above, and then proceeded to find some more steeps. The photo below shows one of the most aesthetic spines in the area, and unfortunately the mega-huge cornice guarding its entrance kept me out of there. Having skied this particular spine before I was keen to try it again, but that cornice was really, really big. We found some similar but significantly less death-defying terrain to shoot, and we had a another great day out in my big backyard...

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