Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some hidden powder turns

It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Sunny skies and high pressure prevailed so my girlfriend Lynn Kennen and I headed down to Mt. Tallac to see if there was any cold snow left after last weeks freak 6 inch storm. While the winds were howling due to the low pressure system that is pushing onshore we made the best of the sunny day and enjoyed comfortable hiking conditions the whole way. In this photo Lynn makes her way accross North Bowl with the west shore and lake Tahoe beaming behind her. It was Lynn's first day on her new Dynafit ski bindings, and a mellow run down something smooth would've been a great way to try them out. I talked her into dropping into the cross and checking out my favorite line on Tallac, the Babycham. She snapped a couple shots of me dropping in, and it was good, real good. This chute is way steeper than you might guess by looking at this photo, note that her ski tip appears in the lower left corner, that is because she is looking straight down... Again I would like to thank everyone that didn't drop in on this line in the last three days, you must know that I love fresh turns.If you look closely in the photo below you can see me further down the chute and in the sun. It was a beautiful day, and a day well spent in the mountains with my lady. Chamonix here we come!

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