Monday, February 15, 2010

It had to stop sometime...

Well, it hasn't snowed here in about a week, and considering the month we had leading up to this I don't think too many people are complaining. Having the sun back for a few days is fine by me. I think most people, including myself, could use a little rest. Since it has warmed up we've gotten right back into a spring corn cycle. I skied powder 2 days ago, and I'm pretty sure if you looked around you could find some nice cold powder hidden in the North facing pockets above 8,000 feet or so. Today I decided that we might have some corn, so I went to my go-to corn laps and I was not disappointed. My first run was really good, but by the time I dropped in for number 2 the temperature was almost 50 degrees. While it was a beautiful sunny day the sudden warming that we now have is a little much. By about noon it was downright hot out and the snow got a little mushier than I would have liked. A few more melts and freezes and we'll be skiing some perfect corn...
Here's a quick video that I threw together, today I experimented with some alternative angles with my POV cam, the reverse was pretty cool...

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