Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Sherwood Shuttle Rules! and powder too!

One of the many benefits of living on the West Shore is the Alpine Meadows Sherwood Shuttle. The shuttle brings skiers up to the backside of Alpine Meadows which is roughly 3 miles up the street from my house. Today I put my boots on in the house, walked out to the corner and hopped on the 9 am shuttle to the ski area.
Its been snowing off and on for the past month or so, and yesterday there was about 10 inches of new snow, overnight it snowed another couple inches. Today I went for some of my old standby powder stashes and I was pleasantly surprised to find fresh powder everywhere I went. It snowed lightly all day and tomorrow looks to be a repeat performance of today. As long as it stays cold and keeps snowing I don't really care what happens...
At the end of the day I skied to the shuttle, rode it down to the corner near my house and walked the daunting 100 feet home. Unfortunately the shuttle only runs on weekends, but it sure is a pleasure to use it from time to time.
Here's a few clips from today...

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