Thursday, February 11, 2010

Elan skis 2010/2011 preview

I've been skiing on next years Elan Olympus and Boomerang skis for the past three weeks or so. While they are similar to the current line-up of Elan skis there have been some subtle changes. Most notably is the graphic change on the Boomerang. The ski itself remains unchanged from last year's award winning design which many people, including myself, absolutely love. This ski is floaty with a waist of 120 mm, easy to turn in its 190 length due to the early rise tip and tail, and now it looks even cooler than it did. Not only has the topsheet graphic been updated, but the base graphic as well. This ski will also be available in two shorter lengths for those who may have been too small for the 190 length.
The summit series is new this year and is an updated version of the popular triple series from last year. One of my favorite skis of all time is the Elan 1010 which has been replaced this year by the new Olympus. The Olympus has the same exact dimensions as the 1010 but has a slightly lighter core and a slightly rockered tip. Both improvements have made an already awesome ski even better. The summit series also features a hole in the tip to accomodate a skin hook or to make a rescue litter while in the backcountry. If you choose not to use the tip hole for any reason the skis come with an insert that keeps it covered. At 110 mm underfoot this ski can do it all, and is my ski of choice on all but the deepest days, and all the time in the backcountry.
The current line up of Elan skis is the best they have ever produced, and next years skis are even better. The photo below is of me dropping into the white-out gnar on my new Olympus, the fall line has got nothing on me...

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Nice to visit your blog. I'm skiing as well on a pair of Elan Olympus Mons this year. The big question out there, is the mounting point. I've a pair of Marker Baron's that are ready to make the combo. Where do you mount?

    As well I have a pair of sweet Boomerangs I've mounted them on the line last year. On speed it's causing me to wheelie. For this year I'm looking into a mount 3 cm in front of the line. Same question here where do you mount?

    Enjoy the season!

    Koen /
    La Plagne - France