Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great conditions in the backcountry.

While the storm cycle of the century may have come and gone we are still enjoying great conditions in the Lake Tahoe Backcountry. We took advantage of the first completely sunny day in the last 10 and we headed out to find some steep powder in the BC. Today I skied Mt. Tallac for the first time this season and I was delighted to find good coverage and dense powder almost to the bottom. The recent warm spell and wet snow could have ruined the conditions, but by some miracle it has stayed really good out there.
We ventured into some of the more hair-raising lines on Tallac today, and it was my friend Oscar's first time down the babycham, and my friend Mike's first time down the corkscrew. Fortunately we found both lines untracked, but since the first timers got freshies, I got lots of second tracks. Both runs are incredibly steep and falling really isn't an option.
In any event, it was a beautiful sunny day and a great day to spend in the mountains. We had a great time checking out terrain and coverage and skiing around on one of Lake Tahoe most interesting mountains.

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