Sunday, January 10, 2010

And the warm spell continues...

Our unseasonably warm conditions continue, and they have been accompanied by afternoon rain showers for the past 2 days. Our snowpack is holding up surprisingly well, but near lake level, and especially on the south faces, its melting so fast you can almost see it go. No more than 10 days ago we were skiing powder and had been for some time. This short video is from the 2 days before Christmas. My Gopro POV camera was working only intermittently, so I didn't capture all the action, but I sure had a great time.
This video is from the two days leading up to New Years. Again I was having a bit of trouble with my filming equipment, but the skiing was so great that I didn't really care.
Thank goodness for all the snow we got over the holidays or we'd be hurting around here right now, and it was really fun while it lasted.

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