Friday, April 23, 2010

Some more cool pictures from Chamonix

Luckily my friend Dave skis with a camera some of the time. He captured a few images of me throughout the trip, and here's a few that I like. Here I am skiing some pow on the lower slope of Mt. Mallet.Here I'm skiing some pow at the top of the Aiguille de Belvedere.
Climbing to the top of the Aiguille de Belvedere.
Dropping in to the Col de Cortes, this thing is steep.
In the sun dropping into the Col de Cortes.
A little bit of Chamonix rock stepping. They seem to walk on rocks with their skis a lot there. I don't really mind doing it, it just looks a little weird in pictures.
My first ever skis on rappel, I think it went well, and was followed by some more rock stepping...
And nothing like a beautiful knife edge ridge walk in a white-out. This run was tons of fun, rappelling, rock stepping, ridge walking, and even a little powder skiing mixed in for good measure.

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