Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So I got home from France and took a day or two to try and recover from my jet lag before heading down to the high Sierra to do a little skiing. Our first objective was a peak out of Bridgeport, CA called the Matterhorn. While not technically difficult or incredibly steep, the Matterhorn stares you in the face every time you drive by it and I'd never skied it. This stunningly beautiful peak is far from the car and getting there could take you all day, and many people choose to spend the night out there. In the photo below Oscar approaches the Matterhorn, still a ways off in the distance.Several hours later and we're booting up the west couloir. The east couloir and ski dreams both looked totally wind hammered so we went for the best snow we could find. We started our day in Twin Lakes which is just out of sight at the end of the drainage behind us.
Finally we get to the fun part. The snow was a little variable but really good. Actually we enjoyed consistently good skiing almost the entire way back to the car which is often a rarity in these parts. It was a beautiful day and we were stoked to have checked another awesome peak off our lists in good snow conditions.

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