Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A couple more shots

I recently found a few more published shots that have just come out. As I was walking through the airport the other day on my way to British Columbia I stopped to check out the most recent issue of Skiing Magazine. It was their Resort Guide and there are beautiful shots from all of their favorite resorts. It just happened to be me on the Alpine Meadows page in a cool shot by Will Wissman from last year. I don't get to shoot with Will often but it seems like every time we do get a chance something ends up getting published. In my ongoing quest to become a writer I recently had an article published in Tahoe Quarterly Magazine. This article is about"sidecountry", or resort accessed backcountry, skiing in Lake Tahoe. I think its about 2000 words and they even put a shot of me in there... This photo is from last year, just up the road from our house in the year round playground of Ward Valley.

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  1. Love to see the magazine articles. I will check out the local Barnes and Noble for the issue of Skiing Magazine.

    Keep writing! We always enjoy all your articles.