Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Back at it!

Welcome back to fall. Its been a long summer for me. Since the beginning of June I've been working like a madman to pay off last winter and prepare for the coming one. The colors are changing, temps are dropping, the ground is wet, and the mountain biking has been just incredible for the past month. We've finally made it to magazine season and I've recently found some published shots from last season. The Skiing Magazine Gear guide came out and I found 2 shots of me and a shot of Lynn in there.Here's a half page of me on P.17A full page on Pg. 27.
Lynn scored a full page shot on P.57. It was good issue of Skiing for the two of us. Be sure to check out the Skiing Magazine gear guide for the most legitimate ski test in the industry.We also got the most recent issue of Mountain Sports and Living Magazine where there was another full page shot of me at Alpine Meadows in their resort guide. The day we shot this photo at Alpine Meadows was a great day of skiing and we were lucky to have been able to get a shot like this.

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  1. I have to run out and purchase these magazines! I am so glad to see the photos of you on your blog!
    Nancy Goss