Friday, May 7, 2010

Photo day at South Lake

After getting throttled by the wind down off Tioga, Abro and I met up with Mike Vaughan and headed down to South Lake to shoot some pics for my upcoming article in Backcountry Magazine. The conditions have been great, so getting shot for the article was easier than it could have been. The South Lake area is one of my favorite spots to go skiing this time of year so shooting pics there was great for me. Mike Vaughan approaches the Gilbert Thompson Cirque with a beautiful ridge in the background.After hours of shooting pics and hiking around we tried to find a good slope for sunset light. In the photo below Abro tiredly hikes for another lap late in the day with Mt. Johnson and Mt. Gilbert in the background. South lake rules!
Abro put the camera down for a few minutes while we shredded this ini chute with some nice cold snow in it. South Lake is in the background and out car is a mile down the hill from there. This season's snow pack is way different than last year. Last year at this time the lake was melted and there was almost no snow or ice on the banks of the lake. What a difference a year can make.

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